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“Everything you can imagine is real.”
-- Pablo Picasso

A Quick Preview of the Viking Code School

It's been some time since I had 10 minutes free to write. Well, that's not true… by my count, I've written over 800 pages of text and recorded dozens of hours of video in the last 4 months but that's exactly the problem. There's not a lot of room in the margins for creative expression when you're teaching a cohort of students, writing curriculum, managing a team, growing a business and trying to learn how coffee works.

The Viking Code School is the full consumption of my soul right now and rightly so. I'll give it far more just treatment when I'm able but, for now, suffice it to say that it represents the marriage of 2 years of hard work with a lifetime of dreaming about making impactful changes in education.

We're building a highly focused online coding bootcamp that's the first of its kind — it combines the rigorous and collaborative nature of an in-person bootcamp with the reach of the online medium. We're educating prospective developers and entrepreneurs who want to take their ideas to reality.

Everything amazing that we learned about teaching groups of students online and organizing small teams through The Odin Project has come together to make this endeavor happen.

I'm indescribably excited about where this journey is going to lead and also exhausted by the efforts of its commencement. Thus far, we've been keeping things pretty quiet but that won't last forever. I've got a backlog of posts I'm dying to write and I can't wait to find the time to do so… sometime…