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“Everything you can imagine is real.”
-- Pablo Picasso

San Francisco @ t=0

My final week in Houston was hectic. I sold a truck, the motorcycle, and just about everything else that I possibly could in order to extend my personal runway for as long as possible but the high water mark has officially passed and the limit as t approaches infinity of $$$ = 0. I transitioned from road-tripping wanderer into the odd limbo of sleeping on a couch in the city where I used to live while preparing to move to a place where I had no apartment and no job waiting for me.

Compared to the 20,000 miles I recently spent on the motorcycle, our 2,000 mile jaunt to San Francisco in a moving truck was smooth and blissfully air conditioned. The logistics of moving into the new apartment in San Francisco (which we were fortunate to find quickly upon arrival) involved 4 separate and equally awful DIY legs but the job was done and the soreness will fade.

Mentally, I think that I've been here for months. I've been signing up for events, contacting people, and virtually exploring the city ever since I got the first real look at it in late August. I've been involved in two online classes with local project groups for weeks. Finally getting boots on the ground, though, has been an exciting, refreshing, and incredibly important step forward. It's like the flow of my life, which has been paused for almost 6 months, just unfroze. All the enthusiasm and drive that's built up over the past half a year finally has a release.

San Francisco is bursting with activity. Getting out to all the meetups and events that happen every night is like drinking from a fire hose. There are constantly interesting things to do up and down the bay and a refreshingly diverse mix of intelligent and motivated individuals throughout. The energy and the quality of discourse surrounding the startup community have more than met my hopes and expectations. I've been impressed with the depth and enthusiasm of even the specialized sub communities. You can find conflicting events almost every night of the week just related to Ruby on Rails.

So I've arrived and hit Play. Every day is 24 hours that needs to be 48. I'm exploring the length and breadth of opportunities while also trying to keep my head down and learn. For the next several months, my two major goals are to learn coding and meet awesome people. I'm also diving deeper into the education technology space to explore the set of potential opportunities there and absorbing the hundred other skills necessary to build a startup. I'm taking a half dozen different CS, education, and entrepreneurship courses online while trying to narrow down the list of projects I want to build. The only thing I may not be able to do is sleep.

And that's exactly how I want it to be.